We serve up our mediterranean style brunch every sunday from 10-14 with the great view over Aarhus harbour. It comes in 3 servings with a breadbasket of sourdough baguettes

First serving

Crostini, jamón serrano

Ceviche, cod, onion, chili, avocado, lime & coriander

Watermelon crudo, tomato, basil & onion 

Second serving

Burrata, baked tomato, walnut-pesto

Frittata, chorizo, olive, spinach

Grilled padron peppers

Grilled veal skewers, romesco sauce


Panna cotta, sweet & sour


Brunch menu

238,- per person

Brunch menu

with 1 glas of cava and ad libitum juice, tea and french press coffee